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"How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it." - Jimmy V.

Near Post to Direct the 2013 Spring Team Tennis Challenge
Feb. 23-24 at Furman University

Near Post is very excited and proud to announce the 2013 Spring Team Tennis Challenge. This event is open to all USTA League teams as well as non-USTA teams. The event will be played Feb. 23 -24 at the Minor Hearndon Mickel Tennis Center at Furman University. Full details and online team registration is available at the link on the left.

2012 Lexington Fall Finale Crowns Champions and Finalists
 Division  Champion  Finalist  Result
U-9 Boys LCSC 03 Blue Liberty Point United 9:8
U-9/10 Boys Gold NASA 02 strikers LCSC 02 Navy 1st, 2nd
U-9/10 Boys Silver LCSC 02 Blue LCSC 02 Royal 2:1
U-10 Girls NASA WHIPLASH LCSC Kids Fight Cancer FC 4:3
U-11/12 Boys Gold LCSC 01 White Greenville United U-12 Boys 1st, 2nd
U-11/12 Boys Silver LCSC 00 Boys Blue LCSC 01 Blue 1st, 2nd
U-11/12 Boys Bronze U11/U12B CESA Anderson LCSC01 Royal 6:0
U-11/12 Girls LCSC 00 G Blue SCUFC Charley's Angels 3:0
U-13/14 Boys LCSC 00 Select GA-SC Bulls U12 Red Team 2:1
U-14 Boys LCSC 98 Elite GA-SC Bulls U14B 5:0
U-14 Girls LCSC 98G Select CASA U14G Blue 1st, 2nd
2012 Greenville 3v3 Challenge Crowns Champions and Finalists
Division  Champion  Finalist  Result
U-8 Boys 3v3 Academy CESA JAB Red 1st, 2nd
U-10 Boys Fast & Furious Arsenal Lightning 11:1
U-10 Girls Independence Gladiators Goalbusters 01 12:3
U-11/12 Boys Gold Croatian Soccer Club Bulls Soccer Club 8:5
U-11/12 Boys Green 3v3 Academy Charlotte Easley Soccer Club 1st, 2nd
U-11/12 Girls Macon Soccer Club Three Stooges 7:4
U-13/14 Boys CESA 98B Premier USA STING 17:15
U-12/14 Girls 3v3 Academy Goalbusters 1st, 2nd
U-15 Boys Macon Soccer Club Oconee FC Assault 8:6
U-19 Boys East Coast Breakers Oconee FC Assault 8:3
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2011 CASA Soccer Classic Crowns Champions and Finalists
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CASA Soccer Classic 2011

 Division  Champion  Finalist  Result
U-10 Boys Casa u10 Boys Orange ICFC United 5:4
U-11/12 Boys Silver FuSC U12BA White CASA u11Boys Orange 6:0
U-11/12 Boys Gold CASA 98B Orange DSC 99 White 3:0
U-12 Girls CASA U12 Girls Orange LCSC 99 G Blue 4:1
U-13 Boys DSC 99 Green FUSC U13CLB Wilcox 1st, 2nd
U-14 Boys Discoveries 97 Green Casa U14 Boys Orange 1:0
U-15/16 Girls CASA 96G ORANGE FUSC U16CLG Fields 1:0
U-15-17 Boys Silver DSC 96 Green Falcons 1st, 2nd
U-15-18 Boys Gold GSA Phoenix Black CASA 95B Orange 1:0
U-17/19 Girls CASA U17G Orange DSC 93 Lady Green 1st, 2nd

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