Coaches Advanced Seminar - Atlanta - Jan. 14, 2006

Coaching Education Programs and Events
We have been very pleased with the very postive response to our coaching education programs and events. This is an area of tremendous need as coaches look for a source of training and knowledge to keep up with ever increasing quantity and quality of youth players. We currently offer three educational programs for coaches but will be glad to adapt an existing program or custom design a unique program that suits your specific needs.
Coaches Clinics - Three hours of instruction divided between classroom and practical field sessions. The three hours can be planned on a specific topic for experienced coaches or a more general format for beginning coaches who work with younger players (5 to 9 years old).  The beginning clinic includes: a discussion on age appropriate training, a review of the Laws of the Game, how to teach individual skills, as well as fun exercises and activities that teach skill.
Advanced Seminars  Full or multiple days.  Classroom, field, and video sessions are utilized to cover more advanced tactical topics for more experienced coaches.  In most cases, a leading professional or college coach from the Near Post Advisory Staff is brought in to lead the clinic.
Ongoing Coaches Education Program for Clubs - Regularly scheduled clinics for club coaches. Length and number of sessions as well as level and topics covered is very flexible so that the organization and its coaches receive the most benefit.

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