General Information
The Lexington Fall Finale is open to all USYSA  affiliated teams who are in good standing with their state and/or national associations.  All challenge, academy, classic, and athena teams are eligible to enter.  We will offer 6-a-side for U-10, 8-a-side for U-11, 8-a-side  and 11-a-side for U-12,U-13 and U-14. Separate playing divisions will be held to ensure competitive matches. The tournament committee does reserve the right to combine age groups (by 1 year only) if an insufficient number of teams register to form a single year age group to improve competitiveness of matches.
All teams, weather permitting, will be guaranteed 3 matches - two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Finals will be played on Sunday afternoon. We are committed to placing teams in groups with other teams of comparable strength/ability that ensure competitive matches against teams they do not regularly play.
The Lexington Fall Finale will abide by SCYSA rules with the following exceptions: 1) three guest players will be allowed per team, 2) Matches in U-9 through U-12 age groups will consist of 30- minute halves. For a complete copy of tournament rules please click RULES link on left.
$395 per team in U-9 thru U-12(8v8) age groups and $450 for U-12(11v11), U-13 and U-14 age groups.
Checks made payable to: Lexington Fall Finale
There will be individual player awards for first and second place teams in each division, as well as a team trophy that will be presented to the coaches of the champion and runner-up teams. . Exchange of club patches between competing teams is encouraged.
Refunds will not be given for games canceled or revised due to inclement weather.
All teams must register on Friday, November 30 between 3pm and 10pm at the host hotel (TBA) .  The documentation required for registration can be found at the link on the left. There will be no Saturday registrations allowed.

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