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All of the Near Post's Player Development Programs are a result of many years of personal experiences in working with youth players of all ages.  The first 11 years with other people's children and the last 6 years with my own children as they have progressed up the soccer ladder.  All of our player development programs are continuing works in progress as the players and experiences continue to teach us how to design more effective and versatile curriculums. 
Each of our programs is carefully designed to be age appropiate.  All the exercises, activities, and games are designed to be fun for the target age and challenge the player in just the right amount.  We cannot develop players long term in any age group unless the activities are both enjoyable and challenging to the participants.  It is critical that there is a delicate balance between the two or development will not occur.  Much time has been spent and is continuing to be spent to assure our programs challenge the player enough to build their skill and self esteem and not so much of a challenge that they cannot achieve success which can erode their confidence and enjoyment.
Please click on the links of this page to learn more about each specific development program.  Keep in mind that these programs will give your players the same advantages as the players in the leading and largest clubs in the country.  Most smaller or developing clubs have excellent coaches in particular age groups but it is rare that they have someone who is looking at player development from top to bottom.  Please contact us to discuss how Near Post can assist you in developing your players to their fullest potential in all the age groups beginning with as young as 3 year olds.

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