Parents and Tots Soccer
For 3 Year Olds and Those Who Can Act Like 3 Year Olds
I started  Parents and Tots Soccer to satisfy my 3 year old who wanted to play soccer like his older brother. That was three years and 6 seasons ago and I still love leading this program even though my son has moved up the soccer ladder.  It is still a work in progress but it so rewarding being around these young players. Every season I have learned ways to improve the program as a result of being around all these future stars.
Parents and Tots Soccer is designed for 3 year olds, although in some cases it is the right starting point for 4 year olds as well.  It serves as young players' first introduction to the "beautiful game" and is the first step in the Near Post Player Development System. The focus of the program is to develop gross motor skills (running, jumping, balance), beginning soccer, and socialization skills but most importantly to have fun.  No matches are played in this program and each player is required to have a parent participate with them.  Parents participating serves two purposes.  Firstly, most children this age relate better to a parent than an adult they do not know so they are able to learn more.  Secondly, since the parents are learning the skills with their children, they are at the same time being prepared to be a potential coach in the future.  The concern of "I don't know anything about soccer" from potential, future parent coaches is being erased as they participate with their child.
Hopefully, we have made it obvious to you the tremendous rewards for everyone involved in this program. If you are interested in starting Parents and Tots Soccer within your program or in your area, please contact us for further information on how Near Post can help you run a successful program.  We have a time tested, effective curriculum that is available to organizations and we are happy to visit you to train your staff who will be leading this program.

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