Soccer FUN-damentals
The Second Stage of the Near Post Player Development System
The Soccer FUN-damentals Program is designed for 4 to 5 year olds who have  had some exposure to soccer, ideally in our Parents and Tots Program.  Although experience is preferred, it is possible for a player to begin in this stage.  This transitional program continues to focus on development of gross motor and soccer skills while gradually introducing players to match play.  Players are no longer required to have their parent participate but the coach to player ratio is still very high.
Each session will have a combination of skill exercises and activities in the beginning with some scrimmage or match conditions towards the end.  Early in the season, 1v1 competition building to 2v2 and possibly 3v3 depending on the group.  As in all our Player Development Programs, the most important goal of Soccer FUN-damentals is making sure the players have fun and enjoy it.
We look forward to discussing the details of our curriculum and organization of Soccer FUN-damentals as well as our other programs with you.  Please contact us to explore the potential of how we can help you implement our Soccer FUN-damentals Program or any of our other programs into your organization.

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